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Your brand is everything when it comes to the world of business, and you only have a split second to make a first impression.
How will you do it?

define your brand...


If you’d like to book in more than one service, you can save money with our packages that offer a discounted rate.
Or, if you would like something a little more tailored, connect with me today, and I can put together a custom-made quote just for you.

Strategy, Inspiration Boards,
Logos, Brand Guidelines, Stationary, Creative Direction

Your brand is the experience you give and the reputation you build. Our job is to provide your customers with the strongest first impression possible. We give it all the attention it needs in order for you to invite people in and make them fall in-love with your brand, service or product.

Every business requires tangible designs, whether it’s a business card or other. Design is your opportunity to take their breath away in the finer details. Every design that we create is backed by a deep understanding of your business and your unique personality/values.

Catalogues, Flyers, Annual Reports, Signage, Packaging, Marketing Collateral, Magazines, Invitations, Stationary 

EDM, Newsletters, Lead Pages, E-books, Digital Advertising banners, Web Icons.

Nowadays, every business needs to have an online presence and with that comes the need for digital assets. By intimately getting to know your business, we create solutions that translate into tangible positive results for your business.

Do you need professional eyes on your existing brand and website because you are unsure of what is working and what isn’t? If you’re lacking confidence in the content you are putting out to the world, we can help tailor a content strategy that will help you become clearer on your goals.

Photography Direction, Content Strategy, Brand Styling, Creative Consultancy.

We are presentation specialists, with an understanding of how people view content. With an eye for page-layout, we grab your audience’s attention and hold it, taking your concept and turning it into a visual masterpiece.

Corporate / Conference Presentations, Pitch Documents. Powerpoint, Keynote and Prezy.

When you are happy with the completed project, I will send over the final invoice. Once I receive payment, I will send you all the files for your project so you can be ready
to launch!



I will then ask
for you to provide feedback on the
design concepts.
If further amendments
are required beyond
your project scope,
you’re always
notified in advance.



Next, I hit the studio
and get to work on
your custom design.
This is where the
magic happens!
I will email you
the concepts and
follow the timeline on your welcome package.



Once you’ve paid your first deposit, we’ll schedule your project start date. Next, you’ll receive a welcome package with a timeline for your project and detail on the next steps.



Once I receive your project enquiry, I will email you a Design Project Proposal which includes a contract, quote, deposit invoice, and what you can expect from working with me.



Feel free to stalk me and check out my work. If you feel we are the right fit, fill in a project enquiry and contact me for a free 15 min consultation. Let’s start by understanding your vision and goals. 



the process

Need someone to come in and join your team on a project basis? I have the option of working remotely and on-site, slotting into existing teams of creatives for a specific project or on a monthly retainer. This option is perfect for you if you want to start outsourcing all of your design work to a freelance graphic designer and regain focus on your zone of genius.


want a designer on your team?


Have an idea or business that you are dying to show to the world. You are full of passion for what you do, but there is only one thing that matters: your visibility... Whether you are new to the market or you have positioned yourself in the shadow of your competitors, do it better! Be desirable; get the attention you deserve! 


It gives me joy to be part of the solution, supporting others to achieve their dream business. I love producing the tools that grow and make a difference in the success of others.

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